If I had hair half that great…


This blog is run by a quirky couple in Midwest USA.  In need of a creative and collaborative outlet, we researched our options and pursued a foray into the great unexplored wastes of the Internet via…  The Blogosphere.

As such , there at least two major entities that will post here; we’ll try and make sure it’s clear who is whom.  Which brings us to:

Khyrberos (Kyrbi0/Triumvirate/etc)

This is the male half of the partnership, covering mostly the COOL stuff, of course.  I’ll tend to discuss games, movies, music, modding, the Internet as a whole, and other exciting topics that you surely can’t get elsewhere!! :P

Focus on:  Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Philosophy, Video/Board/Card Games, Superheroes, Literacy, etc.

Likes:  Breakfast foods, overly-complex semantical discussions, nested parentheses.  Oh, and “Blogging adverbs & inanity to frustrate my wife”.

Dislikes:  Cat allergies, legal/ethical complexities, and the fear that I’ll never be good enough… :P

Favorite Color: Cobalt Blue, Black, Purple.  Rainbow, despite all the negative publicity.

Robyn De‘ Wise/Embermyst

Hello, this is the feminine side of the blog.  I will be known by these two different names because I am an up-and-coming writer/author and have dreams of one day becoming widely published.  Robyn De’ Wise is my author pseudonym and more represents my serious, objective and professional side.  Embermyst will more represent my quirky, inane self that some have come to know and love (or just run for the hills).  This name (having a hard time not talking in third person about myself as that is a favorite thing for me to do) will be the catch-all for everything else I talk about.

So no, I do not suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder or Schizophrenia (which are two completely different disorders by the way!) I just want these two names to represent different sides of me.  Eventually, if my clout as an author grows well enough, I might move that name to a whole different blog entirely.  But, until then, it’s like moving into your first house: everything is in there whether you like it or not.

What shall I talk about?  Well, Robyn De’ Wise will post stories (preferably short ones which are open to comments and suggestions to help improve her work – no plagiarism please!) and write about all that there is about writing.  I find that I have a fascination with the mechanics and heart that goes into writing and would love to provide my perspective, even if it’s been blogged and discussed anywhere and everywhere.  Embermyst will talk about whatever comes to her (gah!  I couldn’t hold back) mind but will likely talk about crafts, everyday life, and musings as they come.  I guess it’ll shape itself as it goes.

Give us your Mind-words.

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