Let’s get this started. Ha.

Though this be madness yet there is method in it‘.

Welp, here we go.  After months hours of deliberating, we have finally embarked on what could be the greatest adventure of known time!… Or perhaps just a fun creative outlet. Either way, WONDER COUPLE POWERS ACTIVATE!

You’ve found our corner of the Internet. For a variety of reasons, me and my wife wanted to start a blog. However, this isn’t your ordinary “newly-wed” blog; no sir (or ma’am). No gushy photographs of squishy-raisin infants, nor sappily-romantic interludes (ok, maybe every once in a while (we’ll probably make a separate category; y’know, quarantine the disease :P)). Herein we hope to regale you with rants about games, books, movies and the like; invoke contemplation and conversation about matters of depth and importance; entertain you with prose, craft, and the occasional collaborative mess-up masterpiece.

In short, we hope to have some fun.


That being said, please enjoy your time here; hopefully we will begin to get a feel for how frequently & potently we will update. Questions, comments and concerns? Direct them to that friendly little box in the corner (it won’t bite).

I am known across the Internet by many names; I hope to document them here for reference, as well as decide on one for this blog.  However, in lieu of that, I will sign out with *ALL* the names.

– Kyrbi0/Triumvirate/CookieGambit/SOME OTHER NAME


Give us your Mind-words.

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