Start our first blog?

Start our first blog?

Today marks the start of our blog. Right before the new year; this’ll turn into fascinating debates as to when our blog “really” took off as we’re doing this at the odd hours of the morning.

Anywho, I’m Embermyst. Nice to meet ya. I am new to this so please have pity. Or just have fun laughing at my pathetic attempts at blogging. I certainly hope to engage and entertain my readers. If anything, I hope to discover the wonderful joys of writer-dom in the blogging world.

I must admit, this project is already more than I thought it would be. Starting this thing was a 4-hour feat in of itself in just naming the darn thing… But as a potential author in the writing world, I’ve got to start somewhere. It may be a bit slow-going at first but I’m excited to get it started. If anything, I hope my energy lasts beyond the initial “Oh my gosh, I’m starting my own blog!” phase.

Oh yes, and I’m not the only one posting, FYI. There are others…many others…. Not really, but we’ll make sure that you’ll at least know who is posting what by our signature at the bottom. Like so:



3 thoughts on “Start our first blog?

    • cookiegambit says:

      Thanks! Interesting blog you have there yourself. I particularly enjoyed the meme-discussion.

      I’m curious; this is generally our first foray in the blogosphere as a whole. I (Kyrbi0, I suppose) am familiar with the Internet in general through extensive forum-ing, but blogging seems like a whole different animal. Any tips/tricks of the trade? What’s the protocol unique to blogging? (and how in the world did you find us? Is there like a “new blogs” tab on :P) Anyway, thanks again.

      – CookieGambit (Kyrbi0)

      • Hello there. Thanks for reading my blog.
        Blogging is different from Forum discussions but general essence is same. Be Original and Be yourself. Stay away from Protocols, tips and tricks and you will do fine.
        I have discovered your from Blog from the WordPress Reader. Not because it was new but because we shared a same interest. So tagging your post appropriately is important.
        Keep Blogging.(Following your Blog!!)

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