I have GOT to get this writing thing down!

For those who may be wondering where my story has gone to, I have taken it down for now.  I was so excited about this blog and since I have dreamed for so long to get my stories out there, I didn’t remember that, hey, maybe I should remember the rules of competitions better.

According to Writier’s Digest Short Story Competion’s Rules and Regulations (http://www.writersdigest.com/rules-regulations), I cannot submit a story that has been published elsewhere.  Not remembering this rule, I posted my story on this blog.  Aterward, I had this sort of itch in the back of my mind.  As I thought about it, I recalled submitting that story earlier in December to Writer’s Digest.  I thought to myslef, “Maybe I should double-check on the rules just to be sure.”  I certainly wouldn’t want my first-ever submission to a story competition go sour and get disqualified due to a forgetful mistake.  So, I looked and lo and behold, there it was, staring me in the face:

3. All entries must be in English, original, unpublished, and not submitted or accepted elsewhere at the time of submission. Writer’s Digest reserves one-time publication rights to the 1st- through 25th-place winning entries to be published in a Writer’s Digest publication. (italics added)

Needless to say, I had a slight panic as I really didn’t want to mess this up.  Being a novice writer is kinda tough.  So I have taken it down and sent an apologetic voicemail and email in the hopes that I will not be disqualified but still have an equal chance at getting any of the prizes.  Really, I’d be ecstatic with even 25th place even if I don’t make the top 4.  I can only hope for a good experience all around.

Here’s to hoping and here’s to the new year!  Happy 2013 everyone!

-Robyn De‘ Wise


2 thoughts on “I have GOT to get this writing thing down!

  1. All the best for story. I hope it makes top 4

  2. cookiegambit says:

    Thanks! Me too. :)
    -Robyn De’ Wise

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