It’s Been a Looong Time…

Spooky Green Pants with *Nobody Inside Them*!!

Yes it has

Mood Music

Well, it’s been quite some time.  Looks like the ol’ “we’re busy college students and are also poorly-motivated” bug bit again.  What a pest.  Almost as pestilential as that name GOSH that’s a mouthful to call an exterminator for.  Anyway, putting up our bug-crushing boots, we decided to actually post in this forsaken-hole-of-a-blog for once.  And by that we mean “more than once”. xD

However, once it had been more than a few months, we realized that the only poetically dramatic way to resurrect this thing would be to do so…  (drum roll please)…  one year later!

Or yeah.  Wish us luck!


In case you’re wondering where the title of this post comes from, please enjoy this excellent Portal animatic from the wonderful enquaynay of Youtube fame:

(Would you believe I’ve never even (seriously) played Portal 1? I know, get those e-stones ready for the Lottery.


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