Don’t Stop, An-noying!

How in the world does one onomatopoetia-ze a bouncy couch, I ask you!



I’ve long been fascinated by the word “incessant”; I’ve known of it’s usage in terms of something ‘continual’ and ‘constant(ly unending)’, generally ‘annoying’, as in “the buzzing of flies was incessant”.  However, I also have long wondered why it means that.

Well get this!  So the word “incessant” is, stripping away the common negating prefix “in”, at it’s heart the simple “-cessant”, drawing the mind to the related (real) word “cessate”, which means to ‘stop’, itself coming from/related to the word “cease” (also, unsurprisingly, meaning to ‘stop’ or ‘end’ something, as in “he ceased to be a bother”).  Thusly I come to the quite simple conclusion that to be “incessant” quite literally means (as opposed to my dunderheaded attempts at definition above), “to be without cessation/ceasing”, or “stopping”.  i.e. “the buzzing of flies was not/never cessating/ceasing/stopping”.

Now if only I could make posts on this blog incessantly… :P


My parents' similar declarations now, in a moment of clarity, make total sense...

Pointing at the elephant *incessantly* won’t win you any brownie points, Cassandra.



So tell me; what do you think about ‘incessantly’ (answer whichever way makes your cap curl)?  Do you agree with my reduction?  What’s a word you have ‘discovered’ recently?